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Quarantine Stories: Recording History

Inspired by Aspen Historical Society

We seek to memorialize this moment in time.  Please contribute your story to Carbondale's pandemic history.  This is a written or oral history collection focusing on this moment in time.  A moment that will soon by an important part of history.  

Some decades feel like a week.  Some weeks feel like a decade.

You can participate by interviewing your family or telling us your “Stay at Home” story. Some questions to help get you started:


  • What is your favorite and least favorite parts of the stay-at-home order?

  • Are you able to describe your anxieties concerning infections?  How to interact with your neighbors?  Community?

  • Have you or your family had to learn new skills?

  • What relationships have strengthened?  Which has weakened?

  • If you had a crystal ball, what would you guess it tells you about the future?

To contribute your story, simply call our phone number (970) 414-1078 and leave a message.  If you would rather, please use an audio recording software on your computer and email your clip to  If you need help, call or write, we are glad to assist.  

Do you know of any privacy concerns in which we should be makde aware?

Thanks for submitting!

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